Keith Vollmar, Fractional CFO

Do you want to get your business to the next level?

Do you need help getting out of a financial tight spot?

Are you ready to make strategic changes to the status quo?

As your fractional CFO, I can streamline your company's processes, elevate your financial strategy, and accelerate growth.

Keith Vollmar Portrait

Financial Analysis

My role is to provide financial and accounting support for your company. 

Growth Strategy

Let's develop long-term growth strategies and processes to support that growth.

Accounting Process

I can set up efficient accounting and personnel processes for your business.

What is your financial story?

The financial information of every business tells a story. What is your information telling you? I have a proven track record in helping business owners study their financial and operational information to understand the ups, downs, ebbs and flows their business is experiencing. My help focuses in two areas.

First -- is the educational services where I work with business owners to improve business planning, cash flow management and tracking and determining financing needs for capital items or expansion.

Second -- is being part of the business management team as a fractional CFO. With this type of relationship, I become a part of the business management team. Helping the owner with long term strategies for growth, potential acquisitions, developing banking relationships, improving profitability, cost management strategies and generating and managing cash flow.

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